Here's to another great year! 

2017-18 Officers
President: Chris Anders and Beth Holmquist
Vice President : Allison Smith
Secretary    Ellen Atkins
Treasurer: Sue Souls
Website/Newsletter Andrea Felkins

Alumnae Club of Savannah 
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Our morning at The Mighty Eighth Museum was a wonderful chance to really learn about the history of the 8th Air Force.  We were fortunate to have John Holmquist (yes, Beth's husband) as our tour guide, so we heard all kinds of great stories.  A special moment of the morning was a visit to the Memorial Bench for Becky's husband,  Darrel Lowell, who flew for the 8th Air Force.  

And yes -- there was lunch to follow.  A lovely buffet topped off with peach cobbler...when in Georgia .......