Leap Into Literacy

We can contribute to Pi Phi's nationwide literacy mission by helping people read, speak and write more fluently in our own community. Questions? Contact Patty Koch at copyconcepts.koch@gmail.com

Fulfilling our Mission

Recap of previous efforts.  We'll share an update on 2024 at the end of the year. 

We donated nearly $900 to the Deep Center, which sponsors writing workshops for Savannah’s middle school students and celebrates the stories they create, at our Kendra Scott shopping event in November.

 At our annual holiday luncheon, we donated armloads of children’s books for Wesley Community Center’s pre-K and West Broad Street YMCA’s after school programs.

With a grant from Pi Phi and First Books, we gave over 1,000 books to smiling students in kindergarten through eighth grade at East Broad Street School.

 Five of us helped teach recent refugee women English one February afternoon through the Women’s English Club. 

Looking ahead 


We typically collect new children’s books at our holiday luncheon in December.  Patty Koch will update you as the details are firmed up. All will be most appreciated.  

We are also supporting our own Beth Holmquist's daughter, Kristin, who is a 5th grade teacher.  If you want to support her, she recommends purchasing from this list: 

Our club also applied for another 500-book grant from Pi Phi and First Books this year. We were fortunate to have been chosen again.  Stay tuned for which public school students will benefit this time.

 "Here are some book ideas:

Matt Christopher
Tim Green
Gordon Korman
Raina Telgemeier

Last Kids on Earth
Who Was/What Was/Where Is
Wings of Fire

I know this is general, but any historical fiction chapter books would go over well. 

There are so many individual books that kids would love (they're going nuts at our book fair) so honestly, any book would be guaranteed to be something that at least one of my students would love to read. 

The list is very boy-centric, but that's because they're the ones drawn to particular authors or series. Most girls have a genre they like. "