Alumnae Club of Savannah 
2018 Letter from our Co-Presidents Chris Anders and Beth Holmquist

Dear Savannah Pi Phis,

Hard to believe we are moving toward the end of Summer! Our board met twice in the beginning of it and we are well on our way to having another year of enjoying time being together. We have had great news! Our club has moved up a level in national awards: we are now a Club of Superior Performance!

Allison Smith, once again, has come up with a fun and varied plan for our programs. Sue Souls is ever steady in managing our finances and will be receiving your dues in the coming months. Patty Koch is bringing our literacy effort to a higher level. Ellen Atkins will be helping us to mail this newsletter and you will see her beautiful invitations for our special events. Beth and I thank them all for their great work. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months!

We currently have 59 paid members and there is always room for more. If you know other Pi Phis invite them to come with you to one of our events. We often carpool and if you ever have need of a ride contact one of us, and we will arrange it. Please send your $45 dollar dues ($35 National and $10 local) to Sue. The deadline for submitting is October 15. The form is included in this newsletter. Be sure to give Sue any changes in your information.

Note to our YOUNGER MEMBERS: You are always welcome at any of our events. We thought the Kendra Scott evening on November might be appealing. You may want to join us for the dinner afterward, or if you want, a group of you could gather together at the location of your choice. Beth and I would be happy to help you organize it.

We hope to see many of you at our first event on October 18. It will be the start to another great year!

In Wine and Silver Blue,
Chris Anders 912-598-8247 ( 
Beth Holmquist 248-420-3929 (

A CALL FOR HELP! Many thanks to Kathryn MacLearn who offered to host our Christmas luncheon on Thursday December 6We would also like to enlist the help of 2 people to Co-Chair the event. Contact either of us. Thanks!