Alumnae Club of Savannah 
2021 Letter from our Co-Presidents Chris Anders and Beth Holmquist

Dear Pi Phi Sisters,

We hope you are enjoying the summer and that you have been able to resume
some of your normal activities. It certainly has been an incredible 18 months! It was wonderful to see so many of you at our gathering in April. Your board has been making plans for the coming year. We are moving forward, knowing that we need to be flexible if the current COVID situation changes.

Allison Smith, Vice President, Social has once again planned some great activities
which you will see in this newsletter. You will also see that we are now making
plans with other sororities to revive the annual Pan Hellenic event next February!
Sue Souls is continuing as our Vice President, Finance. She will be collecting our
dues which are due by September 15, as national dues need to be sent to the
Central Office before October 1. The dues form is included.

After many years of performing as our Secretary, (now Vice President,
Communications), Ellen Atkins has stepped down. Many of us remember the beautiful invitations she made for our special events, and she was instrumental in the distribution of books for our annual Christmas donation. Many thanks to you, Ellen,and we hope to see you at some of our events this year! 

In that position will be Dianne Wergley and we welcome her to our board.
We are exploring potential projects to support our national focus on literacy. Patty
Koch is our enthusiastic Literacy Chairman, and she writes: “We will be collecting
children’s books at our December 2021 get-together to donate locally as always. We managed to give 80 books to Backpack Buddies and refugee families despite the pandemic last year. Kudos to all who gave so generously!”

We hope to see you at our first event on October 14 at the famous Benedetto
Guitars, which is located on Mall Terrace right off Waters Avenue, in our own

We will be sending more information about this event, and as usual will
have carpools available. Please let us know if we can help you.
We are looking forward to a fun year for a special group of ladies!

In Wine and Silver Blue,
Chris Anders (925) 708-6032 (
Beth Holmquist (248) 420-3929 (